Hallowed Hollow not resetting

So the other night i played TK"s Bloody Harvest, but didnt get Clark to spawn so i went back the next day to run it all over again to take a shot at Clark, and the tasks wont reset. TK isnt giving me the prompt to kill the pumpkin king or collect candy or anything so none of the pires in the Necropolis will light, and I cant get Clark to spawn. Whats up with that? Do you just get one shot and thats it?

The mission and side quest are one shot per play-through (normal, true, etc.) with the exception that you can reset your entire game in UVHM. I’m a bit surprised that you can’t get Clark to re-spawn. If the wiki is correc, though, it would be easy to miss something:

Note: I haven’t even spawned the dude once, so I have no idea if you have to complete all the steps every time or not.

Did you save-quit and then restart, or just leave the game paused over night?

So it looks like I dont actually have to do the tasks for TK all over just kill Jacques, look at the screens, kill the pumpkins, and sacrifice the loot, I just assumed since the pires werent lit in the necropolis that I had to complete all the tasks over again.

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