Halloween event has some MAJOR issues

The ghast call will not come annointed. Or the new shield. Please make an adjustment to this gearbox before the event ends :frowning:

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They had all year to make this change and yet they didn’t, so I expect they will never

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My thing is the drop rate for it. Not a real fan of the Fearmonger but have plenty, so far all i have are 3 ghast’s and just the plain jane one at that. It feels like they nerfed the drop rate for it since its the most sought after from this event.

Two kills this morning and the reward? A total of 3 purples and 6 blues. Not a legendary or event-specific weapon in sight. This is at Mayhem 10. Not what I would expect.


Update: Legendary drops are now appearing, 3-5 per kill, so I dunno what was up.