Halloween event map with FL4K in 4 minutes

Sharing a nice build with maggie pistol to farm hek map fast (can be done much faster had many misses, this can be 1 tap build if aimed properly), terror shield effect is nice regens ammo and keeps the 50% shock mags for much longer, enough time to use fade away to activate it again

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I am pretty sure that clas mods can only double the max skill level.
An example: The most dangerous game has a max level of 3, so the class mod can only double wich means +3… Sooo why do you have a +5 then?

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What Mayhem level was this played at… and what were the modifiers please… it helps to put it into perspective… nice shooting

Actually I got a drop from Graveward with a +4 on most dangerous game, so its possible at least for that skill to have more than +3 on class mod…

It is possible to get +5 Class mods but they are very rare and even more so with really good stats. More than likely he is using a modded item.