Halloween event with Cryo build Speed Run you destroy everything!

I love using this build!! it may not be the best boss build but as you can see it is still fun and easy to do on TVHM M3. Ive got my build at the end of the video and the weapons i’m using this build requires a lot of very specific items to run the only thing that i want to switch out is a better shield or the same one but anointed with +15% run speed when sntnl is active!! then the dmg would really be insane. you really don’t want to you a shield with high capacity what you want is a shield with low capacity low recharge delay and high recharge rate that way your shield is always coming back in seconds so that you can keep up CCC and always have your actives up!!

Sorry for the not so good quality apparently recording on the xbox is not that great but it’s what ive got lol i hope you guys enjoy the video and try this build out its a lot of fun! I got this build from the youtuber tickle me pink i just changed some skills for life steal so that its easier to keep your actives up 100% of the time except when your on the boss but you wont have to worry about it because when your shields down he is usually in his immune state
here is the link to the original build