Halo 3 PC port?

I know this may be off topic, but… Do you guys still remember when you ported Halo Combat Evolved to PC? If you got the chance to do so, and were able to port Halo 3 to PC, would you do it? Not sure what happened after Halo 2 Vista. But I really thought there would be a Halo 3 coming out to PC and wanted to know why It wasn’t / didn’t. Maybe am asking the wrong person for this but… hey, Gearbox is the closest source I know that worked with bungie making halo and I have no idea how to contact 343 / bungie / microsoft about this so I jsut wanted to ask if you guys at gearbox had any idea about what happened after halo 2 and why they didn’t port the game to PC and why they stopped making it for PC.

You’d have to rely on bungie/343 to do it, and Microsoft to approve it