Halo Combat Evolved patches?

Hello all,

I decided to fire up my own Halo Disc, for some nostalgia. And, I wanted to make sure it was up to date. But I can’t find a place to download any patches for the game. Now I know of at least 1 patch, that supposedly made an offical no-cd requirement. I belive it was advertised as 1.0.8? (source)

Is there an official place to get these patches, so I can fully update my install? Cause I’m sitting at 1.0.0 atm.

I believe you’d have to contact Bungie about that, since the original download link appears to have been on their forums. Somehow I doubt it though, since that was May 2012!

You could try posting on the current bungie forums, or you could just get the digital PC version from the Windows store. Or get the HALO CE Anniversary edition that’s coming out through the Master Chief Collection - the graphics are much nicer!