Halo for the PC

When Gearbox did Halo for the PC, what engine did they use?

How does a port work in halo wants to go to steam?

What does gearbox own?

Don’t know the answer to the first question, but for the rest: it’s all in Microsoft’s court, since they own all the rights. Gearbox was probably contracted in much the same way Aspyr gets contracted for Mac ports of games (either as a highly specific licence or as a work-for-hire) so technically they probably don’t own anything Halo-related.

Thanks for your input I asked the question to bungee and it was an in house engine. Looked a lot like the unreal engine

They apperently took the car controls and put them into Borderlands though…

EDIT: in fact Borderlands ( especially bl1) feels quite Halo’y. The jump physics (which wasn’t until Halo 2) and the hipfire accuracy. Along with (almost) all the sights taking up the entire screen and not simply moving the gun to eye level.

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And re-skinned the warthog…

And improved it, since you can shoot it AND drive!

True, dat. You even get something like the rocket pod warthog if you have an actual gunner in the rocket turret. Dang, now I want a gauss cannon speeder… and the Lancer doesn’t count, 'cos it has to be in BL2!