Halo Master Chief Collection

Anyone interested in Halo coop while waiting for the Handsome Collection? Or conversely, anyone else like to rant with me about how terrible matchmaking is in Halo, even when it is working as they intended? Basically I like to have matchmaking in coop because I tend to play at odd times. Early morning 5am to 7am EST. And more on the weekends. But even when I have time to play in the afternoon on a Saturday, how the hell am I going to play coop halo online unless I have friends online playing it? I have filled my friends list to a 100 people. But there are so many games out there, the odds are against me.

Therefore, why don’t they provide a better way to find players in Halo for coop?

Also, the in master chief collection why isn’t there a way to see what other players are playing? If there simply was a “quick VS game” or “quick coop game” that would help immensely! There are 4 games in this collection and a ton of playlists which attempt to coral players into finding each other. But that doesn’t work. Because I have no idea where all the players are. What type of game they are seeking. If matchmaking takes longer than 2 minutes I get bored and go play single player campaign. Eventually I get extremely bored and spend years playing a better game series with better game matchmaking (ahem… Borderlands).

I’ve been ranting about this ever since Halo 3 came out (and maybe even Halo 2). I thought, finally, I can play coop online. But… not really. Because they seem to think players shouldn’t have that feature. Because then they might experience the story out of order. Seriously guys, get over yourself. That’s going to happen anyhow with their system (because in the event your friends are online playing it, you’ll probably play what campaign level they’re playing).

Also, maybe you guys can tell me if I’m missing something. Some easy way to figure out who’s playing what in Halo. There isn’t much time. Handsome Collection is coming out soon. I just got an xbox one. I imagine I’ll be back to Borderlands on March 24th for quite a while. But if I can more easily jump into an enjoyable halo session every once in a while, I’ll definitely do that too.