HALP PLZ! Vora doesn't like me

So, I’m looking for two things:

  • A better understanding of the Voracidous fight mechanics (shield, priest guy, midgets, OH MY!)

  • Any general advice for non-cheese fighting in here. Think Grog/Harold primary, or else which other weapon goes better in here?

Tried him at high-60s yesterday a few times. No idea what’s going on with the midgets and the other dude. 2/3 times I at least wore Vora’s shield down. First time I got well into his health too. Inevitably I get knocked down by something while I’m reloading or between gunzerks (the build doesn’t spend long on cooldown; maxed YKY, LL, and GS, with Leg. Berserker). I figure I’m missing something about how the fight works, and I could probably do with gear recommendations.

Pimpernel and Kitten are out until OP1 at least. So is Sandhawk. Hail is in the realm of possibilities. Updated DPUH is easy. Basically, can’t use any dashboard-farmed gear until after first Peak run. Or, I don’t want to. :stuck_out_tongue:

DEFINITELY need an explanation of what’s going on in the fight. Recommendations for easy-to-farm weapons more ideal than DPUH against this fight are also appreciated. Specific non-cheese tactics too.

¡Gracias, amigos!

Just about the gear, you can give a try to the Flame of the Firehawk. As long as you stay close to Vorac the novas will heal you consistently while you are reloading or if you miss a shot. Chain Lightning may help you too for healing. If well thrown, at the right moment you can be healed twice.

Harold is great, the Interfacer is a good choice too for this fight but to get one … you need to kill Vorac first. :stuck_out_tongue:


LOL. Been wishing I had a good Interfacer to try. How to get an Interfacer? Kill Vora. How to kill Vora? Get an Interfacer. LOL.

FotF? Neat concept. I actually haven’t done those side quests yet in UVHM. Might have to try that. I’m supposing that either Vora or the midgets (“Or maybe both!” -Captain Scarlett) can provide decent enough damage, especially if I’m not Mount Healthmore, to keep me up. Hmm. Thanks for that suggestion!

Kill Dexi! sorry…not helpful.

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Vora doesn’t like anybody. I lost count of how many times I tried (and failed) to kill him. You’ll want a trespasser to make taking out the chief a cake walk. Triple-O has a slim chance to drop the interfacer. Getting him to spawn is a pain the ass though.


Real quick: I’m seeing a lot of tutorial videos recommending Trespasser/Bee to kill the chief dude right away. As I understand it, Vora gets its shield from him after a bit, and killing the chief prevents that from happening.

That means fire weapons on slagged Vora, and it’s just a REALLY badass stalker with some annoying midget pals. I can handle that.

And since Sal can steamroll WEP easily, no point in holding out the Animal Rights quest.

I wonder how underleveled a Trespasser can be and still one-shot the chief with Bee and MoneyShot. Hmm.

Also, I just noticed something. There don’t seem to be a lot of walkthroughs on just the fight mechanics with these raids. Most of the videos on them are a few years old. Gonna keep looking, but I may end up going back over all the raids and walking through their mechanics, timing, etc., and throwing out videos.

A possible shortcut may be to Pimp-RL him with NKLO. Ahab, Nukem, 12-Pounder , etc.

Open the gate then go back to kill a scalion to trigger NKLO then run back and go crazy. Maybe spec Bubblegum and equip a Rough Rider initially ( the build shown below gets +28% fire rate w/ RR ). Or go Bee

Never done it, so this is just theoretical but this is exactly what I just finished up OP8 with :

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Love it, but any Pimpernel I pick up is gonna suck. I grabbed the quest a few (maybe several) levels ago. Now, a weak slag Pimp with Ahab or something in the right hand, MIGHT just do the trick.

I just watched a video where a dude killed the chief, then wore down Vora with Rubi/UH. Pretty sure I can handle that.

What I didn’t know when I started this thread, is that Vora gets its shield from the chief. If you kill him first, then Vora never gets a shield. MUCH easier to wear out.

Now, when the chief goes down there’s a nasty ragey phase that Vora does. That’s where you get those bad push novas. So I’m thinking…

Recently found a decent blue Tediore shield with corrosive resistance. Hmm… Can go Bee/Trespasser/MoneyShot to drop the chief, then swap to the alkaline shield. Grog/Harold zerk, Chain Lightning (for intermission healing), a resistance relic (or fire BotA), and go crazy. If I go the BotA route, I can swap COMs to a good Renegade (won’t need the Leg. Berserker’s cooldown between zerks if I have cooldown on the relic). Harold, Grog, Trespasser, fire PBFG. Should be alright, if not ideal.

That is, I could potentially be ready in 15 minutes. Just missing Trespasser. :wink:

Usually with Sal, Trespasser is equipped in the second or fourth slot. When gunzerking the shield bypass effect of the Trespasser will be “transfered” to the main hand, so no matter the level of the Trespasser, this is your Harold, Interfacer that will kill the Chief.

The Bee, often with a corrosive resistance is used in a lot of videos mainly (only ?) to fight elemental damage deals by Vorac but most of time, during this fight your shield will be depleted, besides your first shots fired when you started the fight, so no real point of using a Bee for increasing your dps.

That’s it. They share the same shield.


Immediately after the Chief is being killed Vorac gets mad and enter in a berserker mode and will aggro you.

There are two options :

  • you kill Chief as soon as he spawns and you will have to manage a full life enraged Vorac

  • you lower the health of Vorac, wait the more you can to kill the Chief, you will end the fight with a low health enraged Vorac

Some build ideas :


yes and no. If you can deal out enough damage to kill Vorac before the Witchdoctor gives Vorac his shield. My tactic, is to kill the Witchdoctor first. so the shield never goes to Vorac. :wink:

Oh, I know. I’m generally anti-Bee. Haven’t used one yet with Sal. Thinking just to make sure I get the chief down in that first shot, and then swapping out to something else (RR, Evo, or something with Alkaline prefix).

No, Sal is not a Bee user. It’s completely incompatable with his style.

Also, I’d have Trespasser in 3rd, but probably swap it out for a second launcher while shield-swapping. It’s there for one reason only, and that’s to decap the chief. I need one round…

I meant, if you want an Interfacer, you need to kill Vorac. I wasn’t referring to the fight by itself. :smiley:
TheRabbi explained it better than me : [quote=“TheRAbbi, post:3, topic:1562809”]
How to get an Interfacer? Kill Vora. How to kill Vora? Get an Interfacer. LOL.


lol, and there you have it! lol :laughing:

I recorded this over a year ago, but it might give you some ideas.


The level is irrelevant - all the damage comes from the RL. What is relevant is that it’s slag. It doesn’t have to be but it’s a bonus.


Who wants some cheese ? :stuck_out_tongue:
With PimpAhab, no matter the build or the ennemy, everything will die. :wink:

agreed. except Master Gee. that won’t work on him. But yes, the game can be face rolled with Sal on the RL/pimp trick. to be clear, I was using the Creamer/pimp trick. Ahab would have wrecked Vora much quicker.

I was showing the removal of the Witchdoctor first. how you choose to wreck Vora is your choice. :wink:

upon re-reading this, I have to disagree. without money shot, the ahab/pimp trick isn’t as effective.

I may have expressed myself wrongly, this was in no way a judgment. It was just a tease (not sure of the meaning of this word :confused:). Each one plays the game as he wants.

And yes, Money Shot is important but the PimpAhab setup ; or PimpCreamer if you prefer, that’s the same, really ; will wreck anything, anytime.


@Jefe If I understand the PimperHab thing correctly, it’s RL in right and Pimp in left; Pimp gets the insane splash of the RL on every pellet (7 per shot). On a slagged unshielded Vora, it should melt.

EVERYONE: Just a heads-up, my Sal is sitting just under level 70 right now. Trespasser quest is open, so it’ll be 64-66 (don’t exactly remember). Already grabbed Heartbreaker in the 50s, so that’s out. And I’m gonna do this cheese-free a couple times first, before I try to InfiniShot or PimperHab or anything.

your RL in your main hand must be empty. :wink: