Hammerbuster builds

Does any one know any Hammerbuster builds that I can mention in my weapon guide? Last time I checked it just sucked straight balls.

Try it out with Axton or maya they should be able to make it work.

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[quote=“GreyHound, post:1, topic:1281054”]Last time I checked it just sucked straight balls.[/quote]How were you using it? I use it with Zer0 and I’m constantly surprised at how good it is, regardless of build (probably due to Zer0’s crit-enhancing skills and gear). That said, if you aren’t rockin’ critical hits, I could see it seeming underwhelming.

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Maya with ruin should do the trick. Phase lock makes for easy crits.

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Other than Krieg everyone should be good with the Hammerbuster

  • Massive Damage
  • High fire rate
  • Low recoil due to dahl barrel
  • good type b crit bonus
  • High accuracy

how could it suck its just an amazing neutral gun. It’s base damage is really massive, higher than most snipers. Add in that fire rate and wow.

  • Maya has minds eye and reaper to multiply the damage and phaselock makes easy crits
  • Axton can make the recoil next to nothing and crack up the base damage to make it a crit machine
  • Zer0 has tons of crit skills that work good with the type b and the massive base damage plays nice with deception and OSOK for crazy burst damage
  • Sal, well sal
  • Gaige is good because you can use this up to around 100-150 stacks with the accuracy and she really makes the base damage amazing

Heck, if Krieg had ways to keep himself on fire without his weapons it would be amazing on him too. A Hammerbuster with a 50 mag and more accuracy? That would be kind of dope.

To the OP, I suggest using Axton or Maya. Axton because he can reduce the recoil of the Hammerbuster and make it easier to get headshots, and Maya because she can freeze enemies in place, and reaper can hep with 1 shot kills on some enemies. But really, anyone can use a Hammerbuster. It’s a damn good gun.


Hammerbuster w/ The Bee is sooo sweet.


He can with grenades, shields, and Raving Retribution.

I really want to try it with krieg now but my hammer buster is op8 and krieg is op2

Gaige gets good mileage out of the Bekah, doubt it would be any diffirent for the HB.

Gaige is amazing with the HB. Just got one while leveling and I can score critical hits with 100+ Anarchy stacks. There is also Discord to control the loss.

Huh- never really cared for it myself but hey- you guys have talked me into giving it a try…:relaxed:

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Jakobs AR’s are so good, this is just a super Jakobs AR with lower recoil because dahl barrel, whats not to love


It’s semi-automatic. shudder

Enough to keep him on fire wthout using an elemental weapon, and staying at range at that (no reason to get up close to use the HB)?

Raving retribution should be enough but, I’ve never tested it I may do it.