Hammerlock DLC best farming spots

Now that Story is done I’m doing some farming for fun.

Iamsosmrt pointed out Tom and Xom in Hearts Desire to get a SoulRender, and I’ve been farming them for 20 minutes or so.

Super easy to get to, just fast travel to Hearts Desire and the What beats beneath Fast Travel station (which you unlocked during story) and they’re right in the next room.
Kill em, and they drop lots of stuff. DLC specific, and world drops.
And besides farming, they are great weapon test enemies. Crit spots like a meter wide, very predictable movement, and (in my experience) they don’t do much damage, so anything new you get just take it to them and see how it works.
And since they’re right by a F.T. you can easily go back to Sanctuary to re-load (no vendors in the spot) and store gear, then F.T. back to kill 'em again with no walking.

This is way easy farming.

Anyone got a better spot?


This is a great idea. There’s the crew challenge enemy Kratch right around the corner too. I couldn’t find any drop info for K.

You can also fast travel back to the start of the map to refill on ammo as needed.