Hammerlock hunts should be resetable

Hammerlock hunts should be re-settable or Bekah needs to be a world drop. The RNG is too strong to get a good one also since level cap has been raised it should be reset able, this is one of my gripes with this game compared to previous titles you can’t reset where in BL 2 when you did a reset it reset all quests and the game, in this game you get 1 shot at a bekah and with the rng most of them are useless and it is a pain to level a char and try and get it again, especially with the mayhem modifiers now in effect.


Actually all crew challenges and Zero’s targets need a way to reset as well.

Would be nice to be able to get a new scoville. Or just to replay DLC 2 and hear Gaige imitating the other characters with the gifts.

I feel resetting TVHM should also reset all of these.

It doesn’t? I haven’t done a mission reset yet myself.

It doesn’t, these challenges follow progress across TVHM and normal mode and I think that is part of the issue as why they don’t

or you know? just buff bekah and give us a farm location or add it to a damned loot pool. if hammerlock’s hut so we should mention zer0’s targets

Been discussed numerous times…

Even before DLC1 and that one also locked away 2 weapons behind this crap…

I just feel we’re shouting into the wind…


Savefile Upload/ Try it / Savefile Download

Huge downside, you’ll have to have a save just before you receive your reward.

I know, annoying, but the only way to Farm things like bekah, pearl and other quest or challenge rewards.

And if you reset thvm everything gets reseted. When you kill all mobs of hammerlocks hunt in a second play through after reset you’ll get the bekah again.

Agree it should be resettable or a world drop, but for now I go with the backup save, get it, then download save again.

It is a bit annoying that those items are not in Earl’s vending machine b/c they are not mission rewards–not only the bekah but the vibra pulse, hand of glory (which you cannot progress through the story without getting it, so it should count), cloud kill, null pointer (again, cannot progress through the story without getting from Zero), the Boo, Kevin’s Chilly and Rogue Sight (the latter two are mission only items, but two other mission only items, the Big Succ and Burning Back Flame) are both available at Earl’s machine.

Umm, no. This cannot be reset. Only way to get it again is through a new character playthrough.

Yes, what @sonny316 said is mostly correct. You can read-only farm any of these items. Manipulating the save files is always an option. GBX does not approve, but they continue to give us stuff like this that we can’t do otherwise. It’s hard to figure out if they care or not?

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What @renfried said is correct. The Bekah is a once-per-character reward for completing the Hammerlock challenge. You cannot get it again if you reset a character’s playthrough. You should be able to do that though. Even better would be a dedicated drop. I don’t understand why the Bekah is one of the very few weapons in the game that has no drop source at all. If it was a terrible weapon, I would understand more I guess, but the Bekah is one of the coolest Jakobs weapons, and really one of the cooler-designed weapons in the game in terms of the way it functions.

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Had a great embers purge at lvl 50? (can’t remember the stupid level caps)

We all know how long one could enjoy it…

Pretty much the start of me hating the game’s many flaws

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Aye it is annoying may have to level another char to 65 so I can get a fully leveled one until they up the cap again, and do the save and rewrite in offline mode until I get what I want, is so annoying that I have to do that though.

the fact the bekah is STILL a 1 time gun is unacceptable
other guns from crew missions are world drops
but for whatever reason dlc crew missions and the bekah are one time
like who thought thats a good idea?

it should have been fixed LATEST a patch after we got the lootpools fixed as they could have put it into the pool right after when they SHOULD have realized that the bekah is pretty hard to get / farm
ppl on consoles cant do tons of characters to farm it
and it should also not be nessesary to need multiple characters or resets like this anyway

they need to rly wake up and have this 2 gb patch that is just FIXING issues like these

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