Hammerlock is renowned for hunting the

I am on “The Horror in the Woods” quest in the new dlc and Eisa and Hammerlock are acknowledging each other’s legendary hunts and Hammerlock hunting the legendary Hemovorous is mentioned (I think I spelled that right). I feel like I have heard this name before, but my google fu is failing me, I can’t find any reference.

Am I crazy or has this been mentioned elsewhere?

During PAX, wainwright and gaige voice actors played out a script on stage and hammerlock had left a message where he said he’s humting the varkid queen hemivorous the invincible and therefor will be late to the meeting with their wedding planner.

This seemed to be a hint to the raidboss many believed is behind the doors in accsension bluff.

So either there’s a secret raid boss to be discovered there now or it’s something else entirely behind those doors that will come later.

Would be odd if this is referencing a boss that isn’t yet available.