Hammerlock missions

Is there an easy way to figure out which of the Hammerlock missions are not yet done? I have the list of the 10 locations, but wondered if there is a menu or achievement list to figure pout which ones are left. I’m on XB

Hammerlock room in sanctuary, If you completed hunt there should be trophy on wall.
If not completed place where trophy goes is empty


There’s a similar thing with the vehicle parts if you go down to Ellie’s place - missing ones will show as a red ‘ghost’ outline but clicking should tell you which map to visit.

And Zer0’s room has all the posters on the wall, checked off once completed.


Moxxi and ClapTrap have challenge trackers of some sort in their rooms too. Although I don’t remember the exact details of how they track their challenges.

But in the hangar not all parts are listed, so you can’t track everything like the one for Zero or Hammerlock.

Interesting. I haven’t gone through in that much detail, but I guess this means you have to go through each vehicle type in a CaR and check every single component. Are the main crew challenge vehicle parts all in the hangar?

I think it’s only limited to the challenge parts, yes. Should be all of them.

When on a map click in the left thumb stick and another menu will pop up showing if you have completed certain challenges.