Handgun glut... where are the other guns?

I know we should love our handguns, but the drop rate has become ridiculous. This isn’t a complaint about lack of epic and legendary drops. Three vaults in a row and nearly every gun cache in between have been more than 90% handguns. I can live with the mostly green or lower, but come on how about an equal smattering of all types of guns? Every visit to the store has me selling 20+ handguns.

Then I wasted my few golden keys in hopes of finding better guns… well, that didn’t go so well either… 5 keys used, 4 opens were filled with shields and grenade mods, the 5th was a rocket launcher. I realize it’s random, but come on. Ugh, just a bit frustrated as I get my backside handed to me because my weapons are weak, well not my handguns…they are top notch LOL. I’ve actually been buying guns…I’ve never done that in a borderlands game.

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What level are you? You ‘unlock’ other weapons as drop possibilities as you progress.

  1. The evenly mixed drops stopped about level 20.