Handling the craps with moze

so, i guess i found my new favourite weaopn and my only small problem with the craps is that the recoil is sick. it has a handling of ~50%, i got one with 51% but i suppose the variants dont go very far? i know there is the skill scrappy but right now i have no points left for that skill or only 1 and thats not worth it xD
are there any ways to improve my handling especially for this weapon?
i mean i get used to the recoil and it might be a waste of points to invest in scrappy just for the comfort but i would love to reduce it a bit

could be a thing for artifact prefixes? :v

For some absolutely unknown reason, a Found a version of the craps with manageable recoil that I use on FL4k (A corrosive one). The other one I use, a kinetic one have insane recoil while the state are seemingly the same

can you show me those guns?

I’ll look it up when I have some time