Handsculpted 3D Conference Call

Sooo, a couple of days back I was approached by a customer who commissioned me to sculpt a 3inches long full 3D “Social Conference Call” - A challenge! *muhahaha

So here the first pictures from this project :slight_smile: For now I finished the first side, now I´ll sculpt the other side with all detail on the now flat backside of the CC.
All copletely handsculpted by me from black polymerclay + a toothpick
Total lenth 3inches

Some details are not as I wanted them to be, but what the heck, I´m no 3D-printer. Yet.

I´ll upload new Work-in-progress pictures as soon I can + different stages of the paintjob if that tim has come^^
If theres any question about my work or the process please don´t hesitate to ask <3


Soooooooo looking forward to the finished thing. It is one of my favorite Shotguns after all.

Impressive work so far already <3

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Thank you very very much! I hope painting will go faster than sculpting - all the damn tiny things^^
I love it too - rarely used any shotguns with m Zer0, only the CC and the Twister for fun xD

Good job on this! Yeah, im a fan of this gun as well, its great. Keep it up, cant wait to see the end product!

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