Handsom Collection Respawnable bosses in BL2?

Anyone have any idea if the BL2 in the Handsom Collection will have respawnable bosses? I’ve been reading around and apparently the Pre-Sequal didn’t have that so I’m worried that they might chage BL2. It would be a shame if that were the case and may even influence weather I get the game. Thoughts?

I’m pretty sure they will leave BL2 alone and conserve the respawning bosses. Also, I think that they are working on making the bosses in the pre-sequel respawnable.

Don’t be worried. I don’t think they’d go back and reprogram to add in a feature so unpopular they literally are taking it out of TPS.

They aren’t going to mess with BL2 in any way! There’s even a patch coming to TPS for respawning bosses. Quit your worries!

Thanks guys! I’ve been out of the Boarderlands for so long since I upgraded my consol that I’m really out of the loop on stuff like this. I can’t wait to get back into this!

From what I’ve gathered, the Handsome Collection Borderlands 2 is the exact same game from the previous generation ported to the new one. They didn’t change anything in it.

Apart from 4-player splitscreen.

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You’re right. Forgot about that.

Which is gonna be SO EPIC!