Handsome AI (TfTB Spoilers)

(David A.) #1

I’m not sure I understand the end of this mission…is the Jack hologram coming from that loader bot a prototype of the apparition that appears at the end of Episode 1?

What do you guys think the “Gortys” project is? I mean, obviously it’s linked to a new Vault but in what way?

Since “Tales” is canon to the series, how much do you think will be revealed about Borderlands 3?

(Calzones) #2

I believe the Jack Hologram was basically a mission to explain that Prof Nakayama was working on a Jack AI. The one in TPS was the very first prototype (or failure, depending on how you look at it), so the one in Tales is obviously the finished product, after many different versions.

I think there’s going to be a lot of story linking to BL3 in tales, at least in setting it up. Not too much that you’d need to have played Tales to understand BL3, but enough so that there is solid linking. No idea what the Gortys project is, but looking forward to finding out. Episode 1 was just soooo good, my favourite Telltale game so far.

(David) #3

Yeah I agree with Calzones. I think they put the Handsome AI mission in the game for people who haven’t played Tales from the Borderlands to get some understanding of what might happen next.

(David A.) #4

Hmm. Honestly though I hope this Jack AI stays in Tales. I think a brand new villain would be better for 3.

(Calzones) #5

I agree. Jack is a good villain, but too much of a good thing becomes bad. Like chocolate.

(David) #6

I also agree but if they could find a way to keep him in the game without him being a villain maybe?