Handsome Axe, my take on Double Up + Gemini

I have about 12 minutes to scratch some of this down before my break ends, so this first post will simply be to lay down the build basics, with specific conversation points and thoughts to come in subsequent posts.

FIrst, the skill build: http://bl2skills.com/commando.html#55050154015203014000005350155101

Commonly equipped gear:

slot 1: Slag Pimpernel
slot 2: Pimpernel
slot 3: (midrange weapon)
slot 4: Unkempt Harold
COM: Legendary Engineer
Relic: Bone of the Ancients
Shield: Bee
Grenade: varies-- this slot is a lot of fun

Bag of Tricks:
Magic Missile, very commonly used because of ammo regen and ability to hit and slag around corners
Meteor Shower
Pimpernels in all elements

…really, anything you want.

Build Strengths:

  • absolute maximum time with 2 turrets down = constant slag, constant Battlefront, and a lot of time to operate without bad guys hitting you in the face or chasing you around (Rabid Skags and Stalkers, I’m lookin’ at you!)
  • 10/5 Able, 5/5 Preparation, and maximized shield recharge skills, on top of having two turrets to draw aggro = very, very strong survivability.
  • my Bee is always full. People like to talk about how much better other shields are for survivability, but… that’s not a problem that I need to worry about.
  • constant Bee + Battlefront = awesome fun from splash weapons like Plasma Casters or the Hornet.

More to come soon.