Handsome Bridge "all players needed"

Greetings all!

I’m in Hatred’s Shadow, crossing Handsome Bridge, and I get a message saying “all players needed to continue”. The problem is, I’m running solo. Not in a group at all. I’ve tried dying, logging out and back in, swapping toons, logging out and back in, and then swapping back to the original toon. I’ve run from the start to the bridge 6 times now, I still get the same error. I’m not even online.

Any help would be appreciated!

I’ve also completed all of the side missions that I’ve been able to find in this expansion.

Have you tried running a mule character there to see if it helps at all? I do that sometimes when farming and hit an obstacle like that. Then, I’ll just log them off after it lets me pass so they don’t get killed.

No, this is my highest level toon, the others couldn’t make it here. I’ve only been playing a month or so. But, while I was sitting on the bridge, trying to find a solution online, after about 45 min, the dragon spawned and it let me pass. No clue what the deal was. But, for now, it seems to have sorted itself out.

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