Handsome Collecection framerate?

30 fps is not next gen. Does anybody know if its 60 or not?

Gearbox has confirmed 1080p/60fps

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It’s going to be glorious.

Glorious mayhem. So many explosions…so many guitar solos…

My concern is how consistent will FPS be?

Will it be able to handle my explosive jacks with infinite storm fronts?

Will playing split screen make it dip much? Will playing online co-op make it struggle? Will it still be horrible at 4 players?

I promise… Even on PC… there will ALWAYS be frame drops here and there… Just the nature of the beast

I’m aware of that, engine limitations and such.

What I’m wondering is where exactly in the scale will it be between PC and last gen consoles. . . Hopefully it can run fairly smooth with 2 people online anyway

It should definitely be better when playing online rather than local. I’m not too worried about a huge framerate drop – I can’t foresee it dipping down below 30 to be honest. Surely not on current-gen.

I wonder how consoles will handle Shugguruths or whatever they’re called, they always loved to eat your fps away for no reason.

I only played BL2 for about 20 minutes (spent more time trying in vain to get my BAR to transfer over), but I have to say… it looks fantastic. Running Sal Gunzerking with a Grog and Harold, fighting varkids, and then after that the dragons, and I saw very little framerate drop. It stayed pretty consistent and smooth the whole time. And it’s not just the framerate, everything is noticeably crisper and sharper running at 1080p. They seriously messed up the character transfer system (no BAR, keys, or customization items will transfer for me on either game, and I’m not the only one), but the game really does look freakin’ amazing.

But again, I haven’t really put it to any serious tests yet, and I read someone else post about screen tearing in TPS. But in the short time I played BL2 I was truly impressed. The difference is much more noticeable than I anticipated.

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BL2 runs buttery smooth for me. The presequal on the others hand drops bad sometimes. Even on my pc with dual 980s I get these drops. Fraps will say 100 fps even tho the game is chugging. Was hoping the console version would be smooth cause it was optimized for one platform andI bought it to play with friends. Not unplayable by any means but it drops a lot for me (guessing 10-15 range) on ps4

It looks absolutely amazing. My brother told me he wasn’t going to pick it up. Then after ten minutes of watching me play left to go get it.