Handsome Collection 4 player couch co op

Will you use this feature? Or will you only play Online?

Honestly I might play 3 player but I don’t think I’ll ever use the full 4 player option. Still stoked that they added it though.

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I will definitely try it. If I think it’s viable on my TV or projector I’ll arrange a day for it at my place. At the very least I’ll play around with split screening in 3 mules who can boost me with team class mods.


I like that class mods idea. I think I might mess around with that concept myself.

Oh. I forgot to mention. In 4 player splitscreen I really hope they have a good solution for viewing your character menus. Even if it just shows it full screen and pauses, that might be better than trying to view it in the splitscreen box. It’s already a little rough in two player splitscreen.

I found that I prefered vertical split screen for this very reason. And I never use vertical split screen in other games; so that’s saying something.

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Same here. We tried both. Maybe they’ll have a special version of the back menu for splitscreen past 2 players. No 3d effect. Just a menu and no fanciness.

If three player let you use the fourth box as a menu screen that would be sweet.

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Couch raiding will be awesome sauce. I’m looking forward to it and so are my family and friends. This game should have always been 4 player couch co-op; the devs even said as much and now we have the console grunt to do it.

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