Handsome Collection and the April 3rd update

Hello everyone.

I’m on PC. I own Borderlands 1, 2, and The Pre-Sequel, but none of them were purchased as GOTY or Handsome Collection packs. I own all DLC’s for all games, headhunter packs, etc. What I DON’T own are any of the purchasable characters (Gaige, Kreig, etc.) I wanted to start a new BLTPS playthrough, and everyone seems to think Jack is the most fun, so that’s what I want to start as. Steam has the Handsome Jack Doppleganger on sale for $5. I thought I heard somewhere that all PC editions are going to be upgraded on 4/3 for free, so would I be wasting $5? Not sure when the Steam sale ends, but probably soonly (maybe by Monday morning). Should I buy it or wait? Am I making sense? I can clarify, if need be. Oh, and BORDERLANDS 3 looks like it ABSOLUTELY ROCKS!!!

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The update is iirc the BL1 GOTY enhanced and the 4K UHD texture packs for the other games. So in your case I’d go ahead and buy Jack.

Yea Jack is pretty fun to play as.