Handsome collection cloud save problems

I just bought the Handsome collection for my Xbox One. I transferred my cloud save for BL2. It wont allow to me to do the same for BL TPS. I have a lvl 12 character saved to the cloud on my 360 for this game. I’ve tried to transfer on the One, but it keeps telling me there is no saved character. What do I need to do to get my saved character?

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The process for transferring the save should be the same for both games:

  • Launch the game on 360
  • Select a character and upload
  • Launch the game on XB1
  • Download and save as new

Note that just because a save file is in the 360 cloud sync folder, it is not automatically available for download to the Handsome Collection. The saves have to uploaded one by one using the in-game menu. That can be done either with the original game on a physical 360, or using the backwards compatible version on an XB1.

So I just recently bought the handsome collection on my ps4 and i had borderlands 2 as well as a bunch of characters on PS3 so I will upload one of my characters to the cross-save but when i go on next gen to download it says there is nothing there someone please help

The official instructions for transfer are here:

Note that you need to be fully signed in on both consoles (PS3 and PS4 in your case) to perform the upload and download steps. Did you get any kind of success notification when you tried your first save upload?

I had the same issue on my xbox one. I had to install the 360 version on to my one. Start the game to get my cloud save. Then I started the Handsome collection BL2 and it transferred my cloud save from the 360 version to the handsome version. Still working on figuring out BL:TPS. Doesn’t work the same way.

They should in theory both work the exact same way as far as transferring save files goes. The support desk may know some things that might cause issues - worth a shot.

Yeah I’ll give that a shot if I cant figure it out by the time I’m ready to play it. Thanks

Yes it does say it’s successful in uploading the character

I also now have different accounts from PS3 to PS4 and I don’t know if that affects anything at all

Yes, it does. Since the save files are tied to your PSN, they can’t be transferred between accounts. There’s no legitimate way around that.

So then having the same gearbox account won’t matter

If you mean shift account, I believe that can only be linked to a single PSN. Otherwise yes, it has to be the same platform user account on both old and new consoles and any other accounts don’t matter.

Ok I got everything figured out thank you so much

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