Handsome collection cross-play between epic and steam

I have heard a pretty solid rumor that the handsome collection will be free to keep like GTA V. Will or can epic and steam players play together like in borderlands 3 ?

There is a rumour/leak going the rounds that Handsome Collection will be releasing on Epic, yes. But it’s just that - not an official announcement - so there is also no official word on whether PC cross-launcher play would be included in such a potential release.

That said, BL3 has cross-launcher play, and I believe there has been at least one update to BL2 at least on Steam aroundt orafter the mid-March BL3 cross-platform play addition? There was no update for the game on XB1 anyway.

So, draw your own conclusions, don’t add too much salt to your food, and don’t hold your breath for more than a couple of minutes.

thanks for some clarification. I was just curious, but if it is going to be free I can get it on epic to play with my friends who also will possibly get it on epic. Guess I can manually move my saves.

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Ive wonder did this pack gonna had lasted BL2 DLC Commander lilith & the fight for sanctuary?
if not…it gonna be sold separately someday.

I am not sure. It wasn’t included with the original Handsome Collection on XB1 & PS4. But Commander Lilith is available for sale on those platforms, so I don’t see why it wouldn’t be available on Epic if it isn’t bundled in. Maybe check to see how it’s listed on Steam? I’m guessing it would be the same as that on EGS.

Any word if we can cross-platforms with Steam and Epic for Borderlands Handsome collection? Cause i wanna play co-op with my brother if its possible with my level 55 Axton!

I just wanna know about the Commander Lilith DLC and the possibility of migrating my save data from steam, to epic…

Migrating saves sound good too

I went to Documents\My Games\Borderlands The Pre-Sequel\WillowGame\SaveData

There were two folders with different IDs for Steam and Epic versions of the game. I copied my Steam save files into the other folder and Epic synced those save files. Haven’t tried if cross-play works yet but if it doesn’t, at least I can use my previous characters.

EDIT: Cross-play between Epic and Steam is possible through SHiFT. Go to Social and search your friends’ SHiFT names and invite them.


hey thank you so much for the guide!

Seeing as the Commander Lilith DLC is listed as “Coming soon” on Epic, is there a way to just buy it on Steam and then link the two up?