Handsome collection cross saves :Badawi points

I did the cross save transfer on 2 characters from my Xbox 360 to my xbone… character stats, weapo,s, and weapons transferred…but the bad ass puts did not…did I miss something?

Bad ass points*

You will find your heads and skins probably didn’t transfer either.
I posted about this last night, and Jeffybug has said they are actively working on a fix as we speak.
Hopefully it’s a quick easy fix.

Ok…thanks…hopefully won’t need a re upload from the original file…
Also…we’re the golden keys supposed to transfer as well?
…love the visual upgrade though…looking at them side by side…amazing difference :blush::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:

Keys don’t transfer no, but we are getting 75 as a gift on both games if you cross transfer. The loyalty bonus is also glitched right now though, so you won’t get your 75 keys until that’s fixed. This issue as well they are working hard to resolve since launch last night.