Handsome Collection DLC ~ can anyone help?

I recently bought the the handsome collection and I’m about to reach level 72. I submitted a support ticket on this before but no response. The commanders lilith DLC is in my store for free but when I click to download it promotable me to pay £12 for it, when I should own it, right? If there’s a fix or I’m missing something i’d appreciate if someone could let me know. Thanks!

It was free for a month, if you didn’t add it then you need to buy it now.

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Yes i know about it being free… but when I look on the internet it says the DLC SHOULD Ben included with the handsome collection which I have. And the in game store shows the DLC as free for me to download. It’s only the Xbox store which asks me to pay

Fight for Sanctuary was never included in the Handsome Collection, it was released way later than BHC.
It is shown as free in game cause patch to change it in game was never released.