Handsome Collection: Missing Unified Menus

I just finally received my Claptrap in a Box Edition, and install the HC on my XBOX however I notice when I have installed both titles, nothing launches from the Blu-ray Disc or Main Menu providing the option to select which game you wish to play.

Am I missing something here, or should the game when selecting the HC icon on the disc tray, it launch into Games/Apps and have to select which title I wish to play from there?

nope you are not missing anything. they are not missing as they are not actually there.

Oh, okay it just seems extremely unusual to have to navigate into my game library to launch the title rather than it launching from the Blu-ray Disc Dashboard Icon for the Handsome Collection.

I was also expecting a “start menu” with both games, but no big deal. I was wondering if you got the physical media if it worked that way, so thanks for confirming it doesn’t.

I have both games pinned since it is what we are currently playing so I don’t have to open the library.