Handsome Collection on Old Consoles

People want this on the older consoles (360,PS3) tell us why???

Massive discount compared to current prices

would this be stupid to say becausethe reason that they made the handsome collection is that the games are remastered

Help me understand.

Are you asking why people want these games on the old systems? If so its because with the handsome collection you can get everything on current consoles for cheaper than you can get everything on old systems, also in worse quality so you can see why the people with those systems may want a discount.

If you are asking why they haven’t put it on the old systems, that’s simple, processing power restrictions and such

that really sucks because i wont be getting an xbox one for about a year and i can only get internet at school so i cant update my games or anything until a special edition comes out like a GOTY

Yep this console generation switch, with everything being so connected and constantly updating, has screwed alot of people

That’s like saying “I want Borderlands 2:Xbox One Edition:Xbox 360 edition”. Doesn’t make any sense. The handsome collection is the version for new consoles. The improvements they made to BL2 and TPS for next gen aren’t possible on the older consoles. And it’s basically just a port anyhow. If you have it on 360 or ps3 already then you already have the best possible version of it for that console. Optimized for that platform.

lol wut 10char