Handsome Collection problems! (Borderlands 2)

My badass rank of almost 900 vanished overnight even tho I saved beforee I quit playing. Everything else is there except my gold keys and badass rank. Has anyone else had this problem??

Let support know about this. Maybe they can help you out.

Ya I sent a stupid ticket about it like 5 hours ago

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Ps4 sigh

Do u know anything about it???

How about that vibration bug that they knew about since the day of release and they still didn’t do anything about it

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Fixes take time. And so does certification for said patch.
If they arent careful, they could break something else in the process.

I know it takes time but they also haven’t been very good at keeping us updated on the situation either

I think Jeff has done a fine job. He’s a busy man, so the fact he takes times to at least say something should be appreciated.

Also keep in mind, only a fraction of the Gearbox employees activley comment here. And that’s not a bad thing. Most are hard at work at fixing issues as you should want them to be and listening to other problems that are reported back to them from here. Just because we don’t hear much, dosnt mean they aren’t working at getting it done asap.

It doesn’t take that much time by any means to type a message the “he is a busy man” excuse isn’t a very good one.

They more than fixed the problem. They restored my gold keys and way more than restored my badass rank. I turned it on and my rank was over 5000