Handsome Collection PS4 activity

Hi guys, I’m considering picking up the game once again(mainly for BL2), but before that just to set my own priority level at making the purchase, how active is the online? Especially between lvl 72 and OP8. Are ppl generally available for help/trading these days?

You can always find a game in Normal, and TVHM, but UVHM gets pretty scarce, both because most people now scam and do an insta-72 cheat, or are afraid higher level people will screw up the leveling if they leave on public. Best to have friends for UVHM if you plan on doing it legit.

If your on ps4 add me my tag is claytonhaughton im on uvhm

The OP hasnt been around since 2015.
You’ll probably be more successful starting your own thread or posting in a more recent one.