Handsome Collection Save Game transferring

I know it’s not out yet but I as hoping to get some information about how transferring your old save game works. I sold my PS3 copies of Borderlands 2 and TPS already, but I still have the PS3 save games on my PS3, and I also still have a back-up of all the old saves on a USB Drive. Can I just use the USB, insert it in to my PS4, and it will load that up? Or do I need to upload it to the online Cloud and load it from there? Any kind of info on this will be helpful.

If it’s anything like the Diablo 3 PS3 to PS4 save transfer, you will need your console to upload your save.

I’m praying for the USB transfer option but I’m not holding my breath.

Did y’all figure anything out yet? I haven’t seen anything on the ps4 to notice a USB i guess I’m out of luck I have no internet :cry:

No you need to cross save (to somebody’s servers). not sure if its ps-plus or not. usb is not an option.