Handsome collection Xbone crashing

Hi Guys. Sorry if this is in the wrong place.

Ive been searching for days now. With zero findings. I recently purchased digital version of The handsome collection. Huge fan of the original games. So thought ide upgrade. Now on BL2 i can play tbe game for maybe 3-4 minutes before the game with freeze up. I can still hear music and fx. I can restart the game and my progress will be saved but to keep having to reload is becoming tedious. I did transfer my old saves from 360. Maybe the save is corrupt?
Any light on this would be great. Pre Sequel plays fine. No issues at all.

Try creating a brand new character, and see if you can play that. Otherwise, it’s possible that the download got corrupted when it was installed. You should in theory be able to delete the BL2 game only without touching the save data. Caveat: I have never done this.

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You can also check your apps section of your xb1 and see if you have a pending update that needs to be installed. You would see items in the queue for updating, iirc. I have my xbone setup that way. nothing is downloading unless I tell it too. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply guys. May have it sorted. Removed and reinstalled my account on my Xbox one. Seems to have been a auto save and cloud sync issue. Took me three freeking hours to even think if doing that.

Played for the ten minutes i had left. No issues so far. It has however reset my badass rank. :pensive: Will give an update when i have time to play for longer.

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That has happened to me twice so far on the xb1. The first time I welcomed it cause it was an opportunity to redistribute my BAR points. On the second glitch, I just spammed the A button and let the points fall where they may. lol it’s so time consuming to strategically distribute those points.

you can bring your 360 cloud same down to your Xb1 to get your BAR back. Just in case that is what happened to you. that is how i got my BAR back. I just had to redistribute the points.

Pretty much what i’ll do. I really cant be bothered to distribute 4500+ points! :confused:

Wow. I thought I had a big BAR. Yours must be HUGE! lol :astonished:

Steady! :joy: small update before work. 3 minutes in…crashed. if there was a refund button i would be clicking it right now!!

Edit: Decided to wipe all profile and synced saves from the cloud. Now working perfectly. Think it has to do with the b.a.r. some real issues going on with the cloud saves and the amount of unallocated b.a.r points there is on the profile.