Handsome collection xbox one co-op

Looking for experienced borderlands player to play co-op with. If anyone wants to then reply to this.

yer ill play odstclapton

just added you Gnar Prodigy

There is a Xbox one section for this. I’ve moved you there.

I would like to play

GT- Ruby Steve

I’ll play my GT is DUPREEYOUNG

GT= Furbymeat

I’ll play my GT: Marlin95B

If there is room, I’ll play. BingoBangoBoom

For any and all to add me. Ran the first play through and now doing vault hunter mode. Just looking for people to grind with =P

XBL: Ambianz

I’m only a level 12 enforcer but had 200 hours in 2 I would love to play hit me up RageWarlok on x1

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Just got the game, looking for people to 100% the game with. My tag is oo ROLL TIDE oo

Hay still wanna do a complete play thro?

I would be down to do that with you, my gt is Crispychiken x

message me anytime if youre interested

I’ll play Borderlands TPS you just message me anytime I’m on gt UnkownChampion7

Yep. I’ll be on this afternoon.

I’ll hit y’all up when I get on this evening.

What’s your tag?

My gamer tag is Chaos ScorpionZ