Handsome collection xbox online splitscreen with one gold account? & playing two of my characters from my main profile question

With the 360 each account needed a gold account in order to get online. In the handsome collection on xbox one do you think we’ll be able to splitscreen online with just the one gold account?

That would be sweet. If nothing else so that damn error about local accounts and permissions won’t show up.

In addition, do you think I’ll be able to play two of my characters from my main profile in split screen? This would greatly simplify the account management stuff for me.

I went ahead and acquired a total of 4 controllers so I can splitscreen up to 4. Which will let me do impressive experiments with team class mods. Also useful for #IDARB

And maybe I can pull together 3 other dudes for a splitscreen session of awesomeness.

XBL Gold on the XB1 is a single account for whole the family including multiplayer

Don’t know the answers to your other questions, but I’d be surprised if you could play more than one character from the same XBL profile at the same time.

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Yea. I noticed “stop sharing gold” as a button today. I looked it up and realized that it was sharing gold to my wife’s profile. Sweet…

That’s been there for awhile @Matrixneo42

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For me it’s only been there since earlier this month when I got an xbox one. yes. Handsome Collection convinced me to get an xbox one.

Ahh then you really must be looking forward to the HC :slight_smile:

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yea. I was always jealous of the visual effects present in the pc version of BL2 and TPS. I’m assuming at least some of those are now there in THC (the handsome collection).


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That’s what I’m waiting on before I buy it,if it doesn’t have the PhysX then I might be out until it goes on super sale