Handsome Dragon, help!

So I’m doing the Tiny Tina one shot and when I get to the Handsome Bridge it says all players must be present (I’m playing solo) and the Handsome Dragon doesn’t spawn. Anyone else have this issue?
I’ve tried everything even closing the game and opening it back up.

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Just to check, you did go through the gate out on to the bridge?

Yes. I drop down onto the bridge and it says all players must be present. I run across the bridge and at no point do I get a dragon.

Don’t know - not seen that before. The game must think you have another player with you somehow.

Paging @RavenOfArisia - did you you have any issues with this bit?

Nope. Works OK for me in story mode, then just did it again 3 times to see if I could glitch it and it still worked fine.

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I have vague recollections that this could happen if not all the red dots had been cleared out on the preceding area - ring any bells?

I’m sorry, I don’t comprehend this. Leave an area with some red dots still active? I think that’s a sin against the Vault…

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OK, I’m having a few flash backs about this. I think you need to go back inside, around to where the vending machines are, and then go from there. Something about the script advancing after you hit a certain spot in that corridor before the gate.

I remember having this before. I had to quit and restart because Roland was missing. He’s the other player. It’s just a glitch.


I just joined a friends game and did it with him. Worked fine on TVHM though.