Handsome Head for Jack?!?!?

Seriously, how do you get it legitimately?

you cant. its stupid.

I think it wasx a zarpedon drop, so ur best bet is farming sentinel

I got it like yesterday after plowing through Zarperdon kinda funny because the game just magically unlocked it for me ages ago with a load of other skins and heads not all of them though.

Well, I got it from The Sentinel too earlier, lucky drop :smiley:

I guess the improved drop rates are working! Just picked up a double legendary drop off Zarp’s power suit phase- Handsome head and ZX-1 (TVHM playthrough). Good luck to anyone farming it!

Yeah she will drop it for sure, I also got it off of her. Now what I want to know is how do we get our hands on that Troll Face head of his

Troll Face is from the Claptastic dlc, it’s a reward for a side mission (can’t stop the music) and is available after completing main dlc story line.