Handsome Jack and Angel

So, in TPS, Handsome Jack is nowhere near as immoral as in BL2, but didn’t he already lock up Angel after what had happened to her mother? I’m not very far in the game, but from the ECHOs in the second game, it sounds like he had her imprisoned more than 5 years before.


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I would actually love for one of our crazily knowledgeable in lore gurus to post here with a detailed reminder of the whole Jack / Angel / mysterious mother situation.

There was a huge thread about this on the old forums.

Would be nice to have again here!

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Come on, guys, normally you’d be all over lore-related threads like these…

I already answered the question. There’s no reason to make it any more complicated.

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Come on, someone, give us the abridged history of Jack & Angel’s dysfunctional family…

Jack gets married. He has sex with his wife and makes her pregnant. Angel is born, and discovered to be a Siren. She does something unexplained, and her mother dissapears. Jack locks Angel up. Jack uses her to manipulate the BL1 VHs. TPS happens. Jack pumps her full of Eridium and has her manipulate the BL2 VHs. Angel betrays Jack and has the BL2 VHs kill her. She dies. Jack dies. The end.


Thanks, buddy!

The Boarding Party mission has her talking to Jack about the TPS VHs, and there’s a picture of her in Jack’s office. (but when Lilith/Roland arrive, the picture is turned on its face)

I would go deep, about Angels abilities and the physics of it and stuff about Jack and his wife, but it would have to be to be tomorrow.


If you do so, then please try to leave your opinions out of it like I did with my abridged version. I would like to see the deeper explaination without any sort of bias or opinion.

(If you read this in a rude tone, that was not what I wanted to be.)

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Looking forwsrd to it, Doc.

you have to consider the possibility of retcon. they obviously arent opposed to the idea, and in bl2, it is suggested that jack manipulated the bl1 vh’s to get access to the eridium that was in the vault, but in tps it seems that his real intention was to get at the weapon it contained. i doubt that jack possessing the eye of the destroyer was cannon before tps.

so i think that jack locking angel up was intended to look more malicious and self serving than for angels well being in bl2, and in tps they tweeked it a bit so he seems more concerned about angel. i could be wrong in that regard, but thats my opinion.

going back to the destroyer though. how is jack as knowledgable as he is about eridians? in bl1 it seems that tannis is the leading authority on the vault, and she has seemingly no idea what it contains. commandant steele is certainly surprised by it, but jacks dialogue in tps implies he understood its purpose all along. it didnt take him long at all to figure out how to configure it to work within helios, or that it could be powered up with slag. i certainly dont believe he did that all by himself, but he almost certainly played a large role in its development.

he also divulges more info about the sirens than other character. where did his knowledge that only six exist in the universe at one time come from? and he obviously understands that they have a connection to the vault, potentially even before tannis discovered this.

and now, im sorry ACNAero, but im going to present some opinions i have.

first, angels siren power, the phaseshift. it would seem that her siren ability gives her the ability gives her the ability to manipulate technology, but more than that, considering that the two other known siren abilities have to deal with the manipulation of another dimension, i believe she can enter a tron like dimension.

now recall the sub-level 13 mission. it is revealed that the “ghosts” haunting it are in fact the result of a tork and a human being digistructed at the same time, becoming entangled and trapped within the digistruct network (or whatever its called, im not sure if that and the echonet are one in the same)

in bl2, when you first meet angel, she seems to momentarily pull you into this dimension, and with relative ease. however, it doesnt seem that she always had such control over her powers.

what if jack and his wife were trying to tap into the dimension made available by angels powers, and it backfired or collapsed, trapping his wife in a similar fashion to the sub-level 13 ghost.



Joking aside, that’s not opinion, that’s speculation. I also only said no opinion because Broccoli is a Jack-supporter, and I want to see what he has to say without him saying that Jack was a good person or something.

Uhh, yeah. Most of the BL story is retcon


Its going to be an EXTREMELY REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, LONG POST. I haven’t started yet, but i will when i get on the computer in an hour or 3.

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When i go in depth with angels powers, you will have your mind blown with what they are. Its deeper the technology manipulation.

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Should some one get a Mind Blown gif ready?

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In a couple of hours.

Hahaha, well that was good for a laugh :slight_smile:

i understand what you meant about keeping it un-biased then. you two are two of the more opinionated members of the forum, which i dont at all mean in a bad way.

but yah, i was trying to be charitable to the story :stuck_out_tongue: but there has been a fair amount ret con throughout


color me intrigued, i await this mystery info