Handsome Jack Collection Borderlands 2 / split screen 2 player.. game keeps freezing and losing progress

Every time my husband and I get into playing Borderlands 2 on the Handsome Jack Collection (campaign/ main) mission. In the middle of battle with split screen the game totally freezes and we lose the progress and have to do a hard reboot and start over. We have video and pictures of this happening. We have been in the middle of live stream when it freezes… it has now happened about 7 times.


Hey there.
Me and my wife having same problem we have tryed everything playing online n offline
It seems when 1 of us go to reaspawn it crashes hope tey fix it we on ps4

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Same here. It’s happened every time we run the game. 2-player split screen. Eventually second player dies and the game freezes in the middle of respawn. Twice it has happened when first player is down and near death, but I don’t think that was the case the other 3 or 4 times.

Hey want to keep this page active because dont know if they plan on fixing this issue

We have been having the same problem, with the game crashing in 2-player split screen. It happens at least once every time we play, and seems to be tied to when one player dies and respawns.

My friend and I have been having the same issue when we play. Whenever this starts happening it kills our play time for the night becuase the game just starts freezing randomly for the rest of the evening.

I’m having the exact same issue. It happens when one player dies and the vortex is spinning while re-spawning. The game freezes and you have to “Close Application” in order to get out of it.

The 2 player split screen seems to be having this problem alot more. Seems to increase as the game ramps up. Happened at least 4 times is the same spot on my last play through

I also have the same problem :frowning: Couldn’t defeat Flint 2 times already. Yesterday his blood remained only a pixel! I’m so frustrated with it since it seems to keep happening again like you all said…

After about a month without this happening, it started again yesterday. Froze up twice on the varkid mission within about 10 minutes. Clearing the cache didn’t fix it. This isn’t right. You can’t sell a game as couch co-op if couch co-op doesn’t work.

Same here it has happened like three to four times a night since we have been playing it as of late, at the beginning it never happened and it just started like a few days ago, it might be happening when there is a lot of things that happen at the same time, also i think is that the ps4 get hot especially with the split screen.

Hi guys!
Same here during coop,it won’t even save my progress.
Have to do the mission again!