Handsome Jack dlc

Any one else not sure how they feel about the dlc theme being Jack focused loving that the presequal doppelganger had his ending fleshed out but not sure about the Jack focus as it feels like borderlands safe zone greatest hits and even though I loved the dlc I love that gearbox tend to shock my expectations rather than playing into my oooh I love that play it safe and give me more.


Sorry no idea how to do any of this new to it would appreciate any mod help if possible

Yeah I have a wierd screwy problem of having an almost impossible time playing dead characters lol dag namit uhm a certain character

I see it more as Moxxi/Timothy focussed and a chance to tie up some loose ends (despite a little bit of mild retcon regarding Timothy.)

lol yeah not moxxi’s biggest fan the ending was more sad to me that happy lol

Yeah I am one of them, loved the character Jack as much as the next person but cmon when is enough, he died in bl2 can we please move on, we have dlc (I know its timothy but jack really) we have handsome jackie, talking handsome jackhammer gun, side quests (the Angel one cant remember the name) pictures of him in the jacobs estate :confused: and I know im missing way more

Surely there has to be more creativity in GB


That’s the thing little things I don’t mind and I did love the dlc but I worry about gearbox hitting those greatest hits I mean tbh while I despise the choice I kind of like no new vault hunter dlcs as it’s not what we expect sure it sucks but it doesn’t just become b2 b prequal and b3 same new character dlc

I thoroughly enjoyed the dlc too, this is in no way bashing on that, my problem is you can only get so much milk from a cow before Zane smacks it on the backside with a banjo (thats a metaphor for enough with Jack) :stuck_out_tongue:

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lol I swear to god we need the mini story on how he came up with that scenario lol

I am Irish and its such an Irish thing to say, you would hear that often over here and the fact the voice actor is Irish himself, I’d say GB just gave him the mic and left him to it :joy: his lines are brilliant and definitely has the best sense of humour, in no way is this a biased account of detail :crazy_face:

Lol funny thing is I loved him watch YouTube David Mitchell about the Irish for the best explanation lol but even though flak is kind of another bad boy I’m cool and mysterious kind of boring some of his lines like amara’s endeared him to me imagine a robot feeding cake to his pets to win a contest lol

Ruining your post here going way off topic sorry :man_facepalming: but yeah all 4 VH’s are unique and have their own personality, Fl4k is just so awkward its funny, big fan of David Mitchell I absolutely love peep show :grin:

His personal YouTube channel jokes that the Irish are geneticly predispositioned to be likable lol

I don’t really mind it. Still better than getting Jack as the main Antagonist for another game. It would probably annoy me if Jack was featured more personally in the DLC (say for instance as an AI) but the way they did it isn’t half bad. Handsome jack was one of the most powerful men in the galaxy when he died so it makes sense that he’d have a bit of a legacy.
Also, I’m happy to see that they did something with Timothy. You wouldn’t believe how many people thougt he was the Body Double in Opportunity who we killed in Borderlands 2 (even though it was actually kind of obvious. Timothy was written to have received plastic surgery to look like Jack whilst the Body Double in Opportunity had the watch as a cloaking device and turned back into an Hyperion engineer after you took it off his corpse).
Let’s hope they’ll let other characters we didn’t hear anything of or at least didn’t meet show up, too (Salvador, Axton, Krieg, Gaige, Dr. Zed…)

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Did he always have the face mask though man I had the handsome collection but didn’t use him need to go back to it when he was starting the game Jack had his normal none mask face

Do you mean Jack or Timothy? Either way, both had a normal face at the beginning of Borderlands TPS. After it, Jack got his mask because he got his face scarred by Lilith and, according to the wiki, he had all of his doubles also scarred and forced them to wear the mask, too (which is the reason why Timothy actually holds a grudge against Lilith).

I finished the presequal just not as Timothy funny how no one realises lilith was responsible for rolands death lol

× Compactor is a beuatiful map - I like the sharp angles, lighting from directly above. Whole idea of huge trash bin and society in it is awesome (also, you can see elements of communism (rejection of capitalism and personal belongings), but that just add another point in my book). Area kinda reminds me New Haven - even music is somewhat similar to BL1.
× Sidequest with loader bot was such a bummer. When it talked about the problem and suddenly colappsed was stupid - I would have fixed you dammit, don’t die on me! Sat with him wor a while - listening to silence, looking at trashy view.
× Didn’t understand infected psycho aeea though…
× Return of low gravity, even for short time was great! Can we get moon slaughter house (arena in open air)?
× Army of loaders idea left me wondering - how cool would it be to try you skill even against a glipse of power that would conquer half the galaxy? Wait… Moxxi now has loader army? Oh boy… Moxxi as a villain idea looks not that far fetched…
× Last one for now… Portraits of Angel and Moxxi are a nice touch.

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Did you notice you can shoot the ones on the overhead rails being transferred into the drop crates? Also, mucho Star Wars vibes from that whole section - reminded me of playing through SW: Republic Commando.


Was about the right amount of linear combat from Republic Commando as well. What I really loved about the DLC that you can not do in the main story is speed through it.

1st playthrough, I took it all in. Explored, did all quests. Figured the direction of story and followed with all the character saying lines. I even waited at the table before Heist plan and listened to Timothy complain I was taking too long.

2nd Playthough, If you know the choices you don’t have to sit and wait. You can speed run it. Loved it! (what I mean by that, if you know you need a ticket, you can take it without waiting or kill someone without waiting)

1st was Zane and his lines were a lot better than Fl4ks in DLC.

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