Handsome jack will ever came back?

In a fictional story a character can came back any time. Gearbox have plans for this?
I mean even i can immagine a basic parallel universe bs, where he opened the vault and he is a hero.
He is planning to save other universes , so he came to us and blablabla… or simply he didn’t really died, just one of his copy. Perhaps some kind of time machine or vault time machine something?

Any chance to a handsome comeback?

The most possible the vault thing.
We find a new vault. With the vault, we will travel back in the time. We prevent handsome jack from attacking Sanctuary 1, woala even Roland will be alive.


Well, he is in fact dead, for all intents and purposes, and after having dominated both Borderlands 2, The Pre-Sequel and even parts of Tales from the Borderlands, I wouldn’t really want him take on a major role anymore.
On the other hand, whilst I’m not 100% sure, I think there’s still an AI chip with a copy of his personality floating around somewhere, so I could in theory imagine him taking on a role in the future, but I wouldn’t really want it to be a major role.
While his intentions were still good, at least in part, we also shouldn’t forget that he was a full-on murderous psychopath, so I don’t think having him in any major role other than as a villain wouldn’t work and as a villain we’ve already had enough of him.


In BL3, it’s in a certain SMG. It’s amusing at first, but there aren’t that many vocal lines to be heard.

Personally, I think it’s time to move on from Jack completely. Let’s find out more about Vladof, discover the fate of Maliwan post-BL3, and learn about Anshin and the other manufacturers we tend to overlook.

And, of course, our old friend the Red Sentinel - what has he/she/it been up to while the CoV were running rampant over Pandora, Promethea, Eden-6, and Athenas? How do they feel about whatever it was Lilith did to Elpis? And where oh where are Axton, Salvador, Fiona, Sasha, and Athena?


Agreed. Honestly, I kind of want something about Tediore, just for the fact that both Rhyss and Katagawa have taken the opportunity to diss their CEO (also, imagine if they genuinely hired oboeshoes to voice Mr. Tediore. The chances of that actually happening are basically 0, but it would be utterly glorious).

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Jack doesn’t need to come back because his story is over and done. The heist of his casino and his AI in Tales are enough of a prolog for him. I think GBX really needs to double down and create a new compelling villain because Jack’s almost overstayed his welcome.


So it’s seems possible. Obviously, not as a main story. Only as a dlc.

Even i have an idea with the marcus’s ai, wich we gave him after the entire bAlex scene. He sells it to a random corporation, wich one have alredy have the handsome ai. Woala, we destroy again an entire robot army.

This dlc could be pretty lit. I mean the entire dlc could be like the maliwan take down.

We’ve got Timothy the Doppelganger & the Handsome Jackhammer. That’s enough Jack for me.

Naoko Katagawa is out there, along with Rose, and we’ve got Typhon and Freddie both show in Robot Bodies in the credits of the main game and DLC 1.

Vic in the side mission Head Case is the first confirmed in-canon respawn I can think of.

That mission is also the reason I think Krieg may just be a brain in that contraption on Tannis’s counter we use to start that DLC.

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They were gonna have Jack be the antagonist for BL3, but supposedly didn’t because of some YouTubers who voiced that they hoped Jack wasn’t coming back.

Given the story line and new NPC’s it wound up with… I’d be willing to bet many wish they’d just gone the Jack route. :joy: I do.

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I’m very content with Jack being gone. He had a fine run, but it’s passed. Time for a new villain and new personalty to be the Bad Guy.

We’re all still waiting for the Big War coming in BL4, and Jack’s petty ambitions don’t play into that, the Bad Guy needs to be something Galaxy spanning, not a corporate raider.


Not just YouTubers - I know a lot of regular players (myself included) who were looking forward to a new villain. Jack was great, but he’s dead and it’s time to move on.

In fact, a lot of us were looking forward to the ‘war’ alluded to at the end of TPS, and I don’t think many of us feel like we really got that with BL3?


As DC is doing with The Joker War arc in the Batman comics, it’s possible to beat a great villain into the ground. R.I.P ya Handsome Bastard…

@VaultHunter101 IMO BL3 is just a way story to set up that alluded to war- if they do a BL4 it should focus solely on that …

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I do have some hesitations about this, based on the “lore”.
If, as the Eridian said, all vault hunters will be needed I’m concerned about BL4 taking a different approach to combat and moving to either a multi-party system (like many RPGs) where you’re selecting a party and overseeing their tactics, or a more straightforward “Battleborn” hybrid where you have teams of lots of folks doing missions.
Neither of which appeals to me in the Borderlands universe.
But, this is pure speculation on my part, there have been no indications of these changes except what I’m extrapolating from a single quote.

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Excuse me? Why do you call jack a villain? He was a hero.
After borderlands 1:
Lilith made a cult, Brick was a leader of bandits…
In bl 2: we played with a psicho.

So, i mean seriously. guys. Come on. He was a hero. Heroes never die. He have to came back.

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The great war is what I was hoping for and everything was set up perfectly for it, yet they decided to have the main villains be…youtubers…sigh

I have already given up on BL3 and I won’t ever preorder anything from Gearbox again, but I do hold out hope that BL4 maybe they will actually listen to us a little instead of, hell I have no idea what they were thinking.


Main villains are youtubers? what? Do you see the twins like youtubers? you are weird.

This is the thing about the story, when the idea was spawned all those years ago, youtube memes and streaming was pretty fresh and exciting, fast forward to now and it is old and boring for most of us. Which is why this game was aimed at younger new players, the trouble is they move on to the next best thing pretty quickly, leaving us long term fans with a failed direction of where we thought this game was going in BL3.

I think they mean as in, social media ie youtube twitch > streaming . Remeber you can stream from youtube and a lot of people do watch there.

Doesn’t - Like, Follow and Obey (subscribe) remind you of anything :thinking:

I understand the streaming thing. But that’s not my point. My point is why are they called a youtuber and not cultist.
The entire begining story was about there is a lot of bandit cult. These cults joined into one wich one called cov. These followers are everywhere. They are the leader of the cults.

This enough to get more follower. The aim is being a bigger cult.
Twitch streamers and youtubers have presence only in the simp culture. They have zero deal with cults.

I believe the problem is with me. I mean handsome jack did nothing wrong, but he was our enemy. So here everyone calls him a bad guy while i believe he was a good guy.

kinda weird.

Calling the twins youtubers even weirder. Kinda boomer thing to do.