Handsome Jackhammer is AWESOME

This weapon is so cool, the fact that they put it in the game makes me so happy. I love Jack and to think that this weapon contains his AI (like in tales from BL) makes me realize that this is the most awesome story of any weapon in any movie/series/game ever. Imagine in 300 years (in the Borderlands game universe) if some one manages to obtain this weapon, he wouldn’t know that this AI used to be the ruler of Pandora, an insane psychopath…

The only thing that I would appreciate (I know is not gonna happen because is difficult) is if the gun could say something and the VH responds. And maybe interaction/talk with the other main characters. Imagine Rhys listening to Jack or Lilith, Claptrap, Moxxi…

Anyways I know I complain a lot about the story but thanks for this Gearbox, its actually an amazing addition to the game. I love when you guys do stuff like this. <3


I’ve been carrying around a slightly underleveled one around just for the dialogue lol. And it’s a damn good gun to boot! That reload nova bounce thing is still putting in work too


Yes. All the issues I had with the game, trying this gun made me insanely happy and forget all that - so much so I’ve been trying to make a Hyperion build or a build solely around this gun.

My complaint is the voice lines. They’re so great and each one rings a smile even when I hear it for the hundredth time…when I can hear it that is.

I’d love for this to be canon and confirmation that Handsome Jack does exist still. And I’d also love it if we could get subtitles for the gun and have interaction for it just like the OP said.

He’s one of the most interesting characters in the game to me and in my opinion a key character to the lore of borderlands. So seeing them give him some kind of a nod was great.

(Gimme more Dameon Clarke please and thanks <3 )

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Glad I read this, I just got one drop and wasn’t going to use it as I’ve got a better smg loaded, but I’d there’s dialogue I’m going to use it for a while just for that.

You might also like the messy breakup shield, it has GENIVIV talking to you like you’re her next relationship after BALEX


It could be.

The Handsome Jack A.I. in Tales from the Borderlands is still alive in my game. Ultimately it’s up to Gearbox to decide what they want to do with it.

It could be locked in a atlas vault isolated. It could also be why Rhys has been able to rebuild Atlas because he has old Jackie boy in his closet.


I have both and its fun to have always some one telling you weird stuff. Can you imagine both interacting?


Learning that Rhys was being coached/guided/manipulated by Jack’s AI would be a really cool twist.

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That would be awesome if they did, maybe over time she moves on from the vault hunter and develops a relationship with Jack lol.

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I suspect that’s why he was able to build Atlas back up from the ground up. I also suspect that’s why Rhys is even odder than he was in Tales. Like he’s being a parody of himself.
…or I’m looking too deep into just a change of voice actors…

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I just got one and the Reload effect is nuts, 15k damage per hammer and it does it like 5 times or something. It’s going in the Bank, I already have a cheesy TORGUE Protuberance to cheese the cheesy Annointed lol

So wait, you guys think it makes any sense at all that after AI Jack tried to kill Rhys and take over his body he then decided to help him build up Atlas? And that Rhys thought it was a good idea and hid this from all his friends AGAIN?

Rhys isn’t a complete and utter moron.

Maybe you can put it on the wall :slight_smile:
You know, for bragging rights

I got a Jackhammer and a messy breakup on my wall. (Got them at lvl 26) I hope I’m able to get them again at lvl 50. Such a great gun and shield!!! :joy:

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No, I’m saying Jack AI is either subconsciously nudging Rhys in certain directions or just flat out controlling him. The AI changing its strategy since pure intimidation didn’t work the first.

Just theory crafting though.

If you’re xbox hit me up (Stray2615 gamer tag) when you hit 50,i have a spare messy breakup. If on another platform farming GENIVIV is the best way to drop it, just speed run to her then save point is right before her.

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On ps4, but thanks! :grin: