Handsome Jackhammer

So I got a Corrosive variant from Katagawa Ball in normal mode and it wasn’t surpassed as my Amara’s go-to corrosive gun until the Hazardous Sellout. It was definitely useful as a powerful elemental SMG but I don’t think its Tediore reload would be good for an Endgame gun.

The initial chuck is fine but the followup explosions and bullets rarely, if ever, seem to hit anything. It does however create a large and unpredictable hazard that I have to avoid while still doing my running and gunning. Basically a high risk yet low reward issue.

Anyone else have thoughts? Also curious if people have obtained it in other elements.

I had a cold initially so it was useful for slowing and killing. but yeh it’s too unpredictable for most uses. It would be nice if it just jumped in one spot then you could combine it with Singularity effects from nades or Amara

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Mine was fire elememt and Ive killed myself with it more times than I would like to admit. Everytime my health drops low I whip around 180 degrees to high-tail it out of there only to throw my gun into my escape route and it’s FFYL o’clock.

Though if we’re being honest it makes me giggle considering Jack would totally try to kill you if his AI was implanted into a gun. This would have made a great troll item like the grenade from BL2 (Morning Star I think from the Pirate DLC).

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Its for sure one of my fav guns on my moze. Use it all the time on her in mayhem 3. Great for mobbing and decent gun damage in general for shooting. Have a fire variant so that might be why i enjoy it so much for general mobbing.

Its just really fun, but it might not be the best of the best. I dont really care though, because im having fun and it still works well. Dont sleep on this one.

I’m running a radiation jack hammer with a red suit, the red suit makes me invulnerable to radiation damage so it can’t hurt me :slight_smile:

I need to figure out if a shock jack hammer exists. I always run a transformer shield, so that would be an insanely fun (and insanely brain dead) build for my moze.

Really wish we had a shield that absorbed fire damage but made you way more susceptable to ice damage or something as compensation. Maybe the more fire damage you take, the more over all fire damage you do is increased? Not sure why I am theory building stuff in this relatively dead thread.

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Definitely comes in shock, so that would be an efficient way to recharge shields, and high ammo on smg means you get a lot of throws out of it, sounds like a good idea.