Handsome jackpot crew cahallenges

At level 52 playing through the Sependopticon section of the Handsome jackpot on PC . I’ve got to Casa de Timothy so went back to do the Pieces of Resistance 1 crew challenge. Somethimg has changed. After doing the fiddlesome jumps I get to the statue and the small bomb thing doesn’t appear. As a result there is no way to complete the challenges. This is not a one-off as I’ve attempted this 4 or 5 times with the same result. Could one of the recent updates caused this?

Don’t these become active AFTER you recruited Ember or something similar? Just getting to Casa de Timothy is not enough, I think.

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I think this is correct (same for the mayor’s task) it will activate once the character is recruited to the heist gang :wink:

It will then show the icons on the map.

Though a warning, if you want the gun at lvl 72 (and M10) do NOT finish the quest before reaching lvl72 (and/or activating m10/11)

Same goes for torgue bottles :wink:

Ember’s purge and Scoville are 1 per character weapons (no do over in TVHM either)

People have asked GBX to make the accessible after finishing the quest but to this day the only (official) way to get it is the first time finishing the quests per char and the diamond loot room (serious RNG so don’t hope to get one there)


Correct. The only challenge you don’t need to recruit for is the Torgue bottles.


I’d also make sure you have a backup save, especially if you play as zane and use sntl. In the VIP tower area where you fight freddie I’ve had loader bots come out of the door where the torgue bottle is sntl destroys the bottle when attacking the bot and thus triggers the weapon reward when I didn’t want it (due to my level at the time).

Yeah, that would be a pain. Obviously better to not grab any of them before hitting max level if you can avoid it. I think the very first one you encounter is the ‘safest’ as far as accidental destruction goes, but since Torgue yells at you when you go past it in story mode it’s also the most likely to be deliberately targetted before realising you might want to save one. The other one that’s fairly easy to not target is the one up on the giant Pandoran wildlife display structure.

Imho, the one before trashlantis is the safest seeing how high up it is :grin: or the one where you need to push the 3 buttons in a sequence :wink:

The first one i remember destroying by accident before torgue had a chance to say F*@# :rofl:
(using a torgue weapon)

Really hope we’ll one day get the option to reset sidequests DLC and such (i really don’t like resetting the whole story when i just want to replay a certain DLC or quests)

Wishful thinking :grin: (would think it wouldn’t be that hard to create seeing some of the past updates)