Handsome Jackpot downloading for The Handsome Collection and not Bl3

On PS4 I purchased the Moxxi’s Heist DLC and when I go to download it, it downloads for the Handsome Collection and won’t activate on bl3. Can anyone help? I’d prefer not to delete the Handsome Collection

Can you post screenshot, cause it’s kinda impossible.

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I actually just deleted the handsome collection and am trying to install the dlc again. But I swear it was possible. When I went into my dlcs for the handsome collection on the PS4 menu below the game it showed the moxxi dlc along with the others. And on bl3 it showed I owned none

As unlikly as that sounds, I had something really similiar happen to myself for several different games, so I wouldn’t say it’s impossible.

The 2 preorder DLC‘s for D:OS 1 show up for both Divinity Original Sin 1 and 2, aswell as a special companion that is only for 2.

All my DLC‘s for Final Fantasy XV are also listed under the Platinum and Episode Duscae demo despite not even being usable in them and they also take additional storage space on top of the right ones for FFXV itself!

And atleast one other I can‘t remember.

Without being patronising, is it definitely Moxxi’s Heist that you purchased and not Mad Moxxi’s Underdome Riot or Mad Moxxi and the Wedding Day Massacre? The latter two are both Moxxi DLCs but are both for BL2, not BL3.

Underdome is BL1.

Yes it was definitely the right dlc. I had to double check to make sure I wasn’t that stupid though lmao

Lmao fair. How did you check it? When I downloaded mine, it didn’t show up for me. I had to go to Sanctuary and then go to the Jack poster outside Moxxi’s. It prompted that I had to buy the DLC (despite the fact I’d already bought and downloaded it) but I played along and when to the PSN store like it prompted to ‘buy it’. The pay button said “downloaded” or something similar so I hit back a few times which took me back into the game, interacted with the poster AGAIN and then it finally worked.

Now that I’ve deleted “The Handsome Collection” I cannot download the dlc. It says “application cannot be found, would you like to look in the PlayStation store?”

Have you not already downloaded it, re the image? Or did you delete it again?
What happens if you go to the ps store and actually go to the jackpot dlc page. Does it say “buy for x amount”, “download” or “downloaded”?

You might want to try rebuilding your PS4’s database - it seems rather unlikely that the confusion would be on the Store end, but licensing/ownership information is obviously messed up somewhere.