Handsome Jackpot fast travel location bugged?

So I was playing last night and ending up stopping sometime just after getting to Freddie (la femme brulee) . I thought there was a fast travel location there so seemed like a good place to save my progress. However, when logging on today to pick up where I left off I couldn’t fast travel there and had to start back at Beggar’s Berth and fight my way back.

After getting back to the area I thought there was a fast travel location I do in fact see it and I can use it to leave the area but it doesn’t show up on the map as a location for me to travel to. Is this a known bug?


This 1 pictured is a non-return fast travel (noted by the :no_entry_sign: ) , i also found it bugged in that i wouldnt respawn at this 1 aswell.
Other stations like these are mostly found at the end of trials and after boss fights - wierdly the only 1 ive been able to respawn at is in skywell 27 - removing any purpose of grabbing the chests beside it while farming katagawa ball


Interesting. I had never seen one of these or never noticed. It’s a strange place for a “non-return” travel considering how far it is to the previous one. Considering that it makes me wonder if it is indeed bugged in that the wrong type of travel station was used for this location…or is this intended?

There are also no vending machines which makes the stretch without a vending machine even farther than the travel station. I thought GB “learned” how lacking some zones were with vending machines and had to add them…only to release DLC with even less.

Here is the stretch with no vending machines I’m currently at:

Haha yes i understand this fully, sadly this was the only area i had to respawn 3+ times through the whole dlc, the last time all the enemies started to respawn so i just ran through

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Thats because this DLC was created earlier, with the same stupid decisions like in main game.


Yeah, this was a rough stretch for me as well tonight. Last night it wasn’t that bad but since I had to redo it tonight it was rather painful. I assume because I got the “enemies fire 2 additional projectiles” modifier. That one section with a bunch of badass mobs with rocket launchers and grenade launchers was chewing me up a bit. Then when I died the stuff I had already killed started respawning (that killed me once because I didn’t expect it). I was actually starting to worry about ammo before finally clearing through it (but then finding no vending machines, either).

True but how hard would it be to add a vending machine before releasing it?

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Just died around where my quest marker is on the map pic above. It put me all the way back to Beggar’s Berth with all mobs respawned and I’m out of ammo now because there are NO F*ING VENDING MACHINES. I been loving this DLC so far but this map SUCKS ASS.


This is the dlc’s version of the anvil? But 1 possible hint, buy some ammo through another playthrough? I never pay attention to ammo with moze so that didnt really bother me; can see there being some issues bringing fl4k through though; which is my next goal

What do you mean buy some ammo through another playthrough?

If you have tvhm and nvhm unlocked, 1 can be at sanctuary to put swap goods/ vendor trash / grab ammo?

  • granted this spawn point is the area fast travel; it wouldnt be useful in this instance

Yeah, well that was sort of the problem. I know I could head back to Sanctuary but having no way to travel back without starting over the entire map isn’t really a great option. It’s what I ended up having to do but I also just stopped playing rather than have to re-clear that entire area again from scratch.

another option is a cutspurse artifact with a facepuncher in your inventory. Equip, shoot a bad guy and your ammo is refilled and you can re-equip whatever you had before.

This combo works only for shotgun ammo.

I’ll look later tonight but I think it refills your entire ammo stash. You do need some ammo to make the facepuncher work.

That sounds broken to me, but I never check this way.
My understanding is you need to use melee to refill current weapon type.

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I thought it only refilled the ammo of the gun you had equipped? I haven’t used it enough to know for sure but that was my impression of it.

There should clearly just be a fast travel + ammo machine right there. Its way too long of a stretch just to put a “fake” fast travel when you check where the last one is.

it is not a bug , u can see “the stop sign” over the ball, it mean it’s a one-way fast travel point, just like the ones after u beated the boss, they are the same, it’s not a bug.

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if u carefully notice this fast travel point, u can know why it’s a one-way fast travel, as it’s the last stage of the map, so it’s a FTP after boss.