Handsome Jackpot proves just how much better the game is without certain enemy types

I dont think I’ve had as much fun with BL3 as much as I am now fighting Loaders and regular human enemies.

Why ? Well besides the fact that fighting Loaders is as fun and as satisfying as it’s ever been , and having them back is a nostalgic blast , the Handsome Jackpot casino is absent two two things :

Annointed enemies
Badass Rocket launcher spam enemies

As a result I’ve been playing on M4 and actually having FUN. No more enemies that inexplicable shrink to the size of an ant and scurry around just for the sake of robbing you of any enjoyment you’re having. No more bullet sponges that in addition go completely invinble 95% of the time for no apparent reason or strategy other than to slow your fun down to a crawl, and no more going blind being spammed with elemental rockers non stop to the point where you can see jack crap.

This is great. I’m loving it. Dont really care what the cliched “get gud” crowd will attack me with, all I know is I’m LOVING the game without those two enemy types and no longer having to worry about mayhem 3 being too easy and mayhem 4 being just right until annointed enemies show up and push me back down to Mayhem 3 just so I can have FUN again

Honestly whenever added annointed enemies to the game needs to be fired


That seems weird - I swear I fought some of these there. Maybe they nailed the reduced graphical spam (or you got lucky)?

They exist but Gearbox recently changed what weapons they use. So less of them actually shoot rockets, as opposed to literally every non-tink badass using rockets.

Yeah, the last time I actually monitored it, it was every other Badass Zealot who spawned had super weak (but very visible) shots, where others had the normal craziness. Like a minute ago, I swear one with these easier-on-the-eyes shots was doing normal damage, but still alternating? Sounds like a trip to the Anvil to re-check is in order.

I’ve seen them there but they’re not spamming rockets and blinding you anymore. Thank God.

oh they are in there allright :expressionless:

now they even have alien barrel weapons wich make you feel a whole new kind of hurt :frowning:

but appart from that broken crap (and armor still being a bit overinflated)… i had a BLAST playing the DLC :heart:

nope, but they did airshot me the whole damn time :expressionless:

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this dlc shows that brilliance is yet to come, i give it 10/10 everything was good from mobs to badasses to bosses/ COV needs a bit of tuning down ant everything will be fine.


I’m in agreement. The larger point of the OP has merit, and hopefully this is something Gearbox will consider doing. No one likes Anointed COV enemies. They are over-tuned with poor game mechanics, they scale badly in higher difficulty levels, and are essentially not fun to deal with. In terms of the story, I recall Troy needing to be there in order to make these abominations. After he’s killed, there shouldn’t be any more of these running around in the game.

Personally, my suggestion would be to remove them from the base game entirely once Troy is dead, to include Slaughter Shaft. I think it’s safe to say no one would miss them.