Handsome Jackpot Voice line Bug

Every time I load into any zone of the Handsome Jackpot Freddie pops up with his message about robots attack you and how you can’t blame them for trying. It started happening every time since my first introduction to him.

I looked online for a fix since this is not the first time I’ve encountered a voice line bug like this in the game. Most people said it would go away after completing the DLC. So I pushed through and completed the DLC. I immediately fast traveled back to the start just so I can run through some areas and the bug is still there.

I closed the game and have come back to it after a couple of days. The bug is still there. Freddie keeps on chiming in. The first time a voice line bugged was with troy talking about katagawa. That line stuck through the whole game and went away after beating it. Not sure how to go about Freddie’s line.

Yup had this all the way through the DLC.

“It’s what bots do!..”

Yeah I’ve been having the same issue. It’s been happening for a while now. I wonder how many other people have the same issue. I keep hoping that it would get fixed with each hotfix release, but I guess it’s not important enough.