Handsome Nishelia, Woman of the Year (Build)

Do you wanna run around, hip firing Jakobs pistols with explosive bonus damage, like Nisha? Maybe do some sniping with multiple elements, or run around freezing everything, like Aurelia? Maybe you prefer to be super tanky, like Athena?

Maybe this Jack is woman enough to be your man!

This skill distribution was put together to meet the following criteria:

  • be able to flex between styles with a COM swap, and without requiring a respec
  • have good survival skills between uses of the action skill
  • be able to smash bosses to pieces. In their faces. Also, probably in their butts.

It was designed primarily around this gear set:
Chronicler of Elpis (Hyperion…)
hyperion OZ kit (also Hyperion)
cryo singularity grenade (still more Hyperion)
Shield of Ages (… get where this is going?)

maliwan cryo weapon
Hyperion shock sniper (5th Hyperion item)
Ravager shotgun

Here is the point distribution: http://thepresequel.com/Jack/50005104012000550504015101550015005001

With the CoE COM, you have:
6/5 Persistence
5/5 Optimism
8/5 Winning
9/5 Company Man (!!!)
5/5 Lean on Me

  • big cryo damage
    big freeze chance, magnifying the power of your bonus crits (from 5/5 Synergy and 9/5 Company Man)

Basic plan is to use the Maggie as your primary weapon, throwing the cryo element onto it. You’ll blow through normal enemies like crazy. When you freeze badass enemies, swap from the Maggie to the Ravager or go --> Ravager --> Maggie to throw explosive damage with extreme accuracy and crit bonuses at frozen enemies. If you feel like sniping, throw the cryo element on your shock Hyperion sniper rifle and start the party by killing a trash mob. Between uses of your AS, you have very strong regen and shield capacity, which works great with the 45% shield restore from Winning. I often run this without bothering to use my AS, because my kill skills stay up pretty much constantly.

It also readily flexes into CEO of CEOs or Indistinguishable Projection + shotgun insanity, as well as Celestial Doppleganger use, depending on your mood.

Have fun, ladies!

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A Jack build that doesn’t use the CEO, Projection, or CD as a main COM? What a breathe of fresh air!

If I may make a suggestion though, you may want to replace your cryo maliwan with a cryo taser or fatale. The cryo damage you get from sponsored by is just splash, but if you use another cryo Hyperion weapon, you’ll get another 20% crit, which will probably do more for your maggie than the cryo boost considering you can just freeze and swap.

I’ve run it with the Fatale as the go-to before. I tried it out with boosts from Jakobs, Maliwan, and Torgue. In theory, it would make sense to use the Hyperion gun. In practice, the build seems to be working more efficiently with cryo on Maggie. The listed set saves me swaps and kills faster. On trash mobs, I rarely swap at all. When I freeze a badass, I make 1 swap to be on a Jakobs-boosted Ravager.

When I do switch it up, I like Fatale w/Torgue, T4s-R (shock) w/Jakobs, or a borderline ‘Deputy Jack’ set up: Well Kept Striker (mag = 4) w/cryo. The Well Kept Striker with cryo and 5/5 AA often results in 6 or so shots between reloads, it freezes efficiently, and it obviously wrecks face.

In related news, I have a very strong bias toward weapons which give multiple rounds of impact for the price of 1 round of ammunition. The Maggie and Striker make me giddy.

Fair enough. I haven’t done the swapping shenanigans in a while, so I’m not so well versed in these things nowadays.

Only other thing I’d suggest is trying a hyperion splitter for your 5th weapon. I don’t know whether you actually use the sniper rifle, but splitters get incredibly accurate with that many points in Company Man. They also have a nice crit boost, solid DPS, and a large ammo pool to draw from.

I haven’t tried splitters since my first week playing. You said some magic words, though. I’ll definitely try the splitter tonight. I have a glitch shock Hyperion splitter in my bag.

Tried the splitter. Mine had a terrible error code, so that didn’t last long. I’ll keep my eyes open for another.

Ran from entering the Subconcious through the end of the Claptastic Voyage, then another a Denial Subroutine and Ear Worm run. I stuck to the core gear set for all of it. The Shadow Trap, EOS, and Eclipse stretch wasn’t as fast as it would have been if I’d swapped to the Projection COM + glitch Bushwhack, but there weren’t any close calls or FFYL.